Surf Stitch

'After night comes dawn, after every storm comes a clear open sky... LET THERE BE SUMMER'

Summer 14 / 15 campaign.

- 5 campaign videos
- 5 category shopable videos
- A variety of edits for social & pre-roll
- 3 TVC's

Overall Campaign video (#1), Female focused TVC (#2), Category focused TVC (#3), Peak season TVC (#4)

Camera: RED Epic
Format: 4K RAW
Frame rate: 50 - 120fps
Lense: Cooke Varotal 20 - 100mm, Canon 300mm L Series
Lighting: Daylight

Agency: Traffik
Creative Director: Adam Harriden
Producer: David Child / Katrina Parker
Directors: David Child / Katrina Parker
DOP: David Child
Photographer: Katrina Parker
Post Production / Colour grade: David Child
Stylist: Kate Boyd / Kaycie Smith
Camera assit / gaffa / grip: Stevian Hasler